I went to Taipei Fine Arts Museum with Syenny and really enjoyed the show.
I saw several major works from Ito:
Sendai Mediatheque, completed in 2001, was hailed as the representative architectural work of the new century, and stirred up a passion for the Ito style throughout the architectural world. This is also one of my favorite, because of its large space and open design. people can see through and window and perceive messages from different level as well as a coherent interal structure.
Tod's Omotesando Building, completed on April 2004. Because the neighborhood is surrounded by trees, Ito decides to incorporate the surrounding with the structure. Thus, he modified branches of trees and overlapped them to make an outer line.
Serpentine Gallery Pavillon, 2002 London. This is one of my favorite as well. Here we can clearly observe how Ito deploys the use of nonlinear geometry. He draws a square first and duplicate, enlarge as well as overlapping them in different angles. As a result, he creates a complex yet organized rectangular space for the citizens.
There are also MIKIMOTO Ginza2 Building as well as New Library for Tama Art University. the MIKIMOTO building is designed after the shape of pearls and he uses rectangulars and triangles with round angles. Besides, the whole building is in pearl pink! New Library for Tama Art University is awesome, I wish we could one of those in Taiwan. Multiple arcs are around the four facades of the building, as well as within. Such shape gives a serene atmosphere as well as an open space. Large windows gives users a great view toward the beautiful surrounding woods.

Toto Ito believes that architecture is the act of givingshape to order: utilizing pure geometry to transform stable, stationary order into a building, in correlation with the constant change of nature and society.

I'm glad to know that there are three major projects running in three largest cities of Taiwan. The Main Stadium for 2009 World Games, Kaohsiung City, the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House and the National Taiwan University, New college of social science. The Main Stadium will be completed on Jan 2009. I'm looking forward to see that work. It employes many solar panels with an angle that is specially designed for the growth of plants and ventilation. 9 dimps around the building creates supportive functionalities to the main building. Passengers can even enjoy the passion within the Stadium through its opening design.
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